Bistro menu (Sunday to Thursday)

Ceviche of cod whit sommersalat

Beef, sauce béarnaise,  vegetables du jour

Cheesecake mousse, rhubarb, burned white chocolate

3-retter 275,-



Oysters naturel per piece 25,-

Chips, tomato, creme fraiche 45,-

Warm veal tail terrine 65,-

Mangilica ham 95,-

Charcuterie 95,-



Agnolotti, spinach, garlic 85,-

Tartar, green salad 85,-

Turbot, fennel salad, grilled heart salad sauce 125,-

Langoustine, grilled lemon, mayonnaise 145,-


Main Courses

300g. Ribeye, béarnaise 255,-

500g. Ribeye, béarnaise 355,-

400g. Danish dry aged ribeye, béarnaise 370,-

225g. Danish tenderloin, béarnaise 285,-
(Fried foie gras for the steak 75,-)

(Red wine sauce for the steak 35,-)

Tartar, green salad 145,-

Burger, beef, bacon, cheddar, 130,-

Turbot, fennel salad, grilled heart salad sauce 235,-




Pommes frites 35,-

Green salad 40,-

Green beans, parmesan 40,-

Mac’n’Cheese 55,-

Tomato, basli, goat cheese 60,-



Profiteroles, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce 75,-

Danish red berry, chamomile, yogurt sorbet 75,-

Comté 16 months, caramelized walnut 75,-

“Flødeboller” 40,-