We offer catering for small and big occasions, special days and for festive seasons. We’ll bring our quality-minded chefs, and sharp personal service. We’ll compose a delicious menu for dinner in your own private setting, or at anotherlocation. then you’ll don’t have to stress about shopping, or being at the kitchen for several hours.

3-course Bistro menu 275,-


For starters you can choose between:

– Selection of charcuterie, consisting of:

Coppa, salted and dried duck brest, Ventricia salami, Paté campagne, cornichon, terragon mustard.

– Lightly smoked salmon, cream cheese, pickled greens, bread crouton.

– Seared turbot, puré of parsleyroot, grilled cabbage, mussel bouillon (additional +45,-)


For maincourse you can choose between two types of meat, that follows with the garnish.

– Greater Omaha ox cuvette, corn fed for  minimum 130 days.

– Tourte, consisting of minced duck, baked in puff pastry.

Garnish; caramelized onion puré,  burned onion shells, Sauce bordelaise with chopped herbs and smoked marrow.

To that,  mashed potatoes with greaves and herbs.


For dessert, you can choose between:

– white chocolate mousse, lemoncurd, salted almondcrumble, terragon snow.

– Profiteroles, vanilla ice cream  and chocolate sauce



Addition of +150,- to change to maincourse with Rib Eye

Addition of +75,- for an extra starter or cheese serving


The three chosen courses must be ordered by the entire party.


For parties under 25 guests, there will be an addition of 2.000,- for the chef.


Transportation is 500,- pr. car in Aarhus. Number is decided upon the size of the party.


Waiter is 275,- pr. hour, and will come 2 hours before the start of the dinner to set up.  As starting point, the waiter will leave after the dinner, when the kitchen is cleaned. Unless anything else is agreed upon. 1 waiter pr. 15 guests.


We can also make an offer for wine and beverages, as well as help you with renting tableware.


You’ll be responsible yourselves for tableware and beverages, unless anything else is agrred upon. There must be a kitchen available. By larger parties and events, there must be made further agreements about handling and tableware etc. All prices are incl. VAT.

We follow through with wishes and ideas. Email our headchef at with your wishes and ideas.